Xiaomi Redmi Note 11

  • When Playing game also phone got hanged frequently...

  • Lags a lot. Hangs like 10 years old phone.

  • What i didn't like is the processor (instagram reels hangs/lags)

  • It gets hanged and lagged during Instagram reels.

  • have lagging issues some time mobile got hanging, when I watch the YouTube have scrolled the up,down it will hanging..same what's app also..

  • i I am using this phone almost 2 months and now the phone has started hanging also it gets heat.

  • after using for 3 months more problem keeps on coming charging is not perfectly done and phone kepts hanging now

  • 2-3 times I had faced hanging problem,means the phone was hanged completely,I have to restart it.

  • This mobile hanging for normal social apps.

  • The phone hangs at any point of time, even without exhaustive use.

  • Its hardly been 2 months and phone started to hang when there is little load on phone like switching apps it hangs and i have to force restart it ......its a pain really And most time it happens when im using snapchat

  • Do not but if you use it for gaming. If you put more pressure to processor it hangs and restart. Buy when u just need it for basic needs

  • Not upto expectations. Very slow and hangs if we do multi tasking. Lost my good opinion about MI

  • Hanging problem after one month of usage, Apps opening are too slow, especially dailer app worst.

  • Phone is good but laggs a lot. Did not expect the phone to hang so much and while moved app it's slow

  • Phone is getting hang during a normal game ( IDLECASH). You can get better phones of other brands in the same price range.

  • Most used apps get hang during daily usage.it will ask for wait or close the app.

  • The only problem I have faced with this phone is that it hangs for indefinite period. You need to restart the phone in that condition. Don't know what would happen if I start playing games on it.

  • Phone hangs a lot (new phone) performance is horrible. Can't play simple game as it hangs a lot.

  • Phone hangs alot . Apps suddenly closes by itself

  • "Light weight.. Easy to use in one hand.. Comfortable design."

  • "light weight one hand use size"

  • " Less weight + Small screen size = Great in hand feel."

  • "Build quality is really good. Weight is not much. So good to carry around"

  • "Weight is pretty heavy."

  • "it is very light in weight and compact to carry"

  • "Weight is less and thin size good at hand"

  • "too much light weight phone feel like nothing inside, it should be little heavy if it have 5000mah battery"

  • "Pretty decent hands-feel, not too heavy (179 gm). Well distributed weight of the body."

  • "Weight and thickness of the phone is pretty good too."

  • "Light weight (Matte finish is awesome feels good while holding smartphone)"

  • "Doesn't feel heavy for the pocket as its the light weight and slim too . "

  • "Phone is light weight for such hefty specs portraying it's quality issues."

  • The inhand feel of the phone is awesome. Light weight and super thin.

  • "touch n feel of the light weight phone are the top plus of this phone."

  • "body weight is so light with 5000 mh battery,easy to hold,fully comfort."

  • "Good Part is Display, very light weight you can use it by single hand."

  • "And the weight is nicely distributed so it seems very lite in hand."

  • "Light weight and easy to grip. Very attractive"

  • "Light Weight And Nice Design"

  • "Display looks normal and I don't think its better than Redmi 6 pro. I still feel Redmi 6 pro screen is best. -Review after couple of weeks (March 8 2022. Display) - Doesnt look like AMOLED display. For me its like a ordinary one."

  • "Display: Excellent Display. Build quality is also good."

  • "If you don't bother camera quality, focusing on good display & surfing YouTube & browser, you can opt this.."

  • "I was using redmi note 5 and now upgraded to this phone.It's AMOLED display is awesome. Its the best thing in this phone"

  • "Display: Yeah Good but 60hz looks like 30hz and 90hz looks like 60hz so No reason to spend Money for 90hz screen ..... Buy any other good phone with 60hz it will be lot better than this 90hz ....."

  • "Display : Avg quality amoled display although the brightness is very good it does not feel as crisp as my note 10 pro also you can't play HDR videos on it and no 4k video support."

  • "Smooth/bright/sunlight/outdoor display (Excellent)"

  • "screen/ display- smooth (90hz) display.... Amoled screen is also very good.... Dayligjt visibility is clear"

  • "Display: you will love the colors while watching movies."

  • "Display is very good in 90hz and 60hz both. And it's also very bright in sunlight. It's colours are very good"

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